Looking for Wedding Hats?

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Wedding hats have been around for ages; a wedding ceremony had always been elaborate, elegant and a sophisticated function. Trends have widely changed these days and many people go for a casual style wedding or even a funky one. However no one is stopping you to go for the same rich and elegant look and one way of doing that is by adorning beautiful wedding hats.

If you are the bride then there is a large variety of bride’s hats available at online and offline wedding stores. These hats give a really nice touch to the wedding dress of the bride; usually the bride would have a veil on her head that is either attached to a clip or a band with which it is fixed on the head. The wedding hat that has a short veil attached to it will give a really unique touch to the whole ensemble and would add a lot more gracefulness.

It is not necessary for the bride alone to wear a wedding hat; important members of her family, too, can go for a sophisticated and aristocratic look. Usually the people who like wearing a wedding hat are the mother of the bride, maid of honor, bride’s sisters, groom’s sisters and of course groom’s mother. But again there is no hard and fast rule as to who can and cannot wear a wedding hat; anyone can do it.

In fact if you are the bride and want to make things interesting at your wedding, you can mention wedding hats as part of the dress code on the wedding invitations. This alone will help in creating a theme for the wedding.

Wedding hats are commonly available at wedding stores where you can get all sorts of things related to wedding like wedding favor ideas, china and table décor items. You can also of course buy them from clothing stores and if you are not ready to spend a lot on an elaborate wedding hat, then go for a simple one and there are tons of things that you can do to it to not only make it look unique and original but also to make it look exquisite. For example buy a simple plain colored hat that goes with your dress; then get hold of a beautiful lace, ribbon or piece of chiffon to tie around it in the form of a bow. You may also add a brooch or lace flowers; you can choose to adorn it with the help of wooden beads or stones too.

If your town or city does not carry a large collection of hats, then don’t fret; simply check out the huge collection of wedding hats online and you are sure to find something you can fall in love with.

Wedding Planner Career Options

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Wedding Planning As a Career

In the olden days, all the careers that young boys and girls wanted to enter after their college was either medicine, engineering or the likes – careers that were well reputed and widely renowned. These were the careers which, if pursued well, could promise them a satisfactory annual income along with the perks.

However for the last decade, both men and women have chosen a variety of unorthodox careers and have managed to not only make their name but also accomplished setting up a trend for owning that career. One of such is the wedding planning career. Perhaps taking up wedding planning as a livelihood sounds like a girlish thing to do, but it is in fact not quite so. Many men have successfully made their name and have enjoyed doing it just like any other profession of their choice. It has nothing to do with gender but a bit of creativity and management skills.

If you are skillful, creative and have the knack for designing and interior décor then you can pull it off. This career path is well suited for those people who know their way around the town and city and have the knowledge of the best discount stores and companies that can offer an attractive deal. Of course when you start off, you cannot charge a big profit from the client as you need to establish your name and repertoire first.

If you are skilled and have a natural talent of doing this then believe me, you are going to pull it off. More than advertising, this kind of business is propelled by the spread of fame through word of mouth. A wedding usually has hundreds of guests attending and if you are able to put up a good show in the first time, then everyone is going to be talking about the aspiring wedding planner who has great taste and charges nominally.

Once you have successfully taken the charge of three to four weddings, you can initiate your portfolio buildup and maybe get an office, where clients can get in touch with you. If you know someone or have a friend who does great photography, maybe you can ask them to join your team. Clients really appreciate the whole package where the photography is also included.

In the meanwhile, you can make yourself known to the managers of the different venues which you want to offer to the clients. Cook up some ideas for the wedding favors, flower bouquets, table centerpieces etc.; work on them at home or your workplace, take professional photos of them and make a beautiful album to impress people.

You can sign up for the various wedding planning courses that are offered both online and offline. This is not only going to give you a bit of confidence in your skill and knowledge but will also help you fetch clients.



Wedding Bags for Women

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A wedding is one of the most memorable incidents in the life of a woman. They accord great importance to it since this is the occasion when they believe that they have found the love of their life and are prepared to spend the rest of their life with them. This is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and they are prepared to go to any lengths to ensure that this is very memorable. Among other things that women crave for, wedding bags is one of the most imporatnt. Every women accords great importance to their looks and style and bags, as we all know, plays an integral part in it.

The entire ensemble of a person during her wedding needs to be spot on as it is their special day. Every woman wants to look her best on the wedding day as this will serve as a memory for the rest of their lives. Apart from the normal style aspects like shoes, the wedding gown and the like, bags play an imporatnt role in the entire style statement. But if you do not know how to go about the whole process, then here are a few tips which will help you to get an idea of how to look your best on the wedding day. The first tip here is to match the bag with the theme of the wedding. Since every dress and the décor of the event will be in accordance with the theme of the wedding, it is important that you match the bag with the dress. It can be of the same color or at least a colr which matches with the dress. If you are not abhle to find a bag which will go with the color of the dress, then do not fret as there are a myriad shops which take up customising jobs. You can order a bag of the color that you want and in the style you desire for a very nominal fee.

Before you order the bag, make sure that the style of the same also matches the dress. Apart from the color, it is very important that you match the style too. There is a wide range of bags which you can choose from. If you are unable to find something that you love in the stores, then you can always search in the online world. This provides you with a wider range of options. You can either opt for big bags or small clutches depending on the them of the wedding. When all this id done, make sure that you carry the bag in the manner in which it needs to be done. This will ensure that you are the most stylish and gorgeous woman on your wedding night!

The Perfect Wedding Speech for the Groom

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When you have decided to marry that single most important woman in your life, there are a lot of things which you start to take responsibility for. These are all done out of love for her. But when you are getting married to her in the wedding, you will be expected to make a speech which should highlight all the funny things that you have shared with her and should also convey how much you love her. But most guys are not able to do this as they bungle up the perfect groom speech. There are some tips which should be followed so that you can come up with the perfect speech which will not only make the bride love you even more but also insert a few light moments into the wedding event.

First and foremost, think about the audience who will be present in the wedding. Primarily, it will consist of your family, your bride and her family. So as a result, you should prepare a speech which will be directed at them, and should be able to convey to them your love and appreciation for always being there with you. The next step to keep in mind is to think the speech through. Do not just write whatever comes into your mind. Have a clear idea of how the speech is going to start and where is it meant to move. This will help you to connect relative incidents or jokes in the precise manner and thus, will be interesting for everyone else present at the wedding.

The next step is to keep it short. No matter, how interesting the speech is, every speech tends to sink if it is more than 3-4 minutes long. People always get bored with the length of the dialogue if it is more than 3 minutes. If you are not sure how long the speech is going to be then, time the entire speech when you practice before the wedding. Before ending the speech, do not forget to thank every person who has helped with the wedding, no matter how small the contribution may be. This will put a smile on their face. Finally, before the wedding, always confer with the father of the bride and the best man at your wedding to find out whether your speeches are overlapping. Same words and lines should be avoided at all costs as this will be highly embarrassing for everyone involved.

All in all, the speech should be short and filled with a few funny anecdotes. It should have its share of romantic words to make your bride feel loved. You should thank everyone who is involved in the wedding and finally, do not add any words or lines which would embarrass anyone.

Setting the Music for your Wedding

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Have you thought about the music for the big day?

A wedding is all about hundreds of details coming together; you can’t just decide on the venue and a wedding dress to have a complete wedding ceremony. There are flowers to think of, favors to plan, invites to design and of course the right kind of music and DJ to be selected. Each of these tasks need to be well planned and well thought over so that nothing goes wrong on the wedding day. The key to perfect planning lies with attention to detail and jotting down all that needs to be done.

Therefore in this article we are going to advise you on selecting the right music or DJ for your wedding ceremony. Earlier on people used to have whole bands playing on their wedding, but now everyone prefers a DJ because this way you are offered a wide variety of music.

When booking a DJ, it is always advisable to book at least a month before hand especially if you are getting married in the wedding season. Since most to-be-wedded couples would be on the lookout for the best DJ for their ceremony, you might not want to leave this detail out for the last days before the wedding. Plan for a reserve DJ besides the main one; you never know the DJ might cancel out on the last moments.

It is undoubtedly a good idea to talk over the kind of music you want on that day. The music should be according to the wedding theme and location. Some couples love to have an up-beat funky wedding, while others go for the traditional elegant look and therefore prefer light music or jazz. You are free to tell them your favorite songs to be played at the wedding.

If your DJ has been decided, don’t forget to instruct him about playing the music at all times. Good music that is continuously played provides ample entertainment to the guests and it also encourages them to come to the dance floor with their partners.

Listening to the same music some years later is going to remind you of your wedding day, what you wore that day, how your groom or bride looked, how the evening led from one joyous thing to another; therefore make sure you select some quality music and songs.

Many couples go for two DJs on the wedding day. This brings in a lot of variety and also takes care of the dull period in between songs adequately. Songs can be of any genre as long as you both are comfortable with them and if you believe your guests are going to enjoy them. Sad songs and songs that are about heartbreak do not go well on the wedding.


Wedding Speech Do’s and Don’ts

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The wedding reception really is incomplete without someone making the wedding speech. The bride and groom can choose anyone for this honor; it could be a friend or a family member. So if you are close to the bride or groom or both then be prepared you could be on their hit list.

So the mystery is revealed and indeed it is you who has to deliver the wedding speech in front of a huge crowd of friends, family members and friends of friends. Don’t be nervous because the whole purpose of this article is to give you pointers on how to write up and deliver a really good speech.

  • So first off, when writing a speech, the individual always faces difficulty writing the first addressing line. If you are also facing the same problem then either leave it out for a while and fill it up later when the main context is done or take help from a pro who has delivered wedding speeches in his past.
  • The bulk of your speech can be focused on an event that happened in the past which includes, you and your friend – the bride or the groom or both. Always remember that whatever moment in history you want to talk about, it should be a pleasant memory and not something that makes everyone upset or sad. You can build up your speech around that even saying how one particular good aspect of your friend’s personality shone that day in front of you.
  • Another key thing to remember is that, no matter how much funny the past situation was, do not bring the name or topic of your friend’s (the bride or groom) ex’s. Sure your friend’s partner might have the knowledge of all of the ex’s but this is certainly not the place or time to start discussing them.
  • Now that your speech is done, you should start practicing the elocution. Sure you are not entering a speech competition, but if this is your first time speaking at a wedding, then believe me, you do need to do the rehearsal. The preparation is going to make you confident about how you are going to speak in front of all those people; you will be well prepared for all the pauses for the laughs of people.
  • Don’t forget to raise a toast in the end of the speech as that is the main culminating point of the address.
  • Also, when you are about to stand up for your speech, you should pick a time when there is no major event going on in between. For example, don’t start it right when a kid has dropped a piece of crockery and the waiter is busy clearing it up.

Make your Wedding Different

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A wedding is one of the greatest occasions in a person’s life. Everyone wants to make it their most special day since this is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. There are a whole lot of aspects which need to be taken care of while planning your own wedding. Right from the flowers to the dress to the cake, everything needs to be perfect since you won’t get a second chance with this. More importantly for the bride, the wedding gown needs to be perfect as is the décor of the party. Though there are a lot of options available to take your pick, of a wedding planner, from, it is always better and more fun to do all the planning yourself. Though it might really get stressful during the course of the last few months before the wedding, it will all be worth it if the entire event is able to bring the best out of everyone present for the same.

Always start with the parts which do not require much time to sort out. For instance, the florist needs to be sorted out as early as possible. First decide on the type of flowers you would want for the wedding and the amount of the same. Choose the flowers keeping in mind the theme of the marriage. Next choose the florist after checking a few options. Though there might be a florist who might offer you lower rates than the previous one, it is always better to opt for the one who looks more reliable. After all, you can’t be running around on your wedding day for someone to deliver the flowers. Next is the wedding gown for the event. Though most women know already which dress they would like to wear on their special day, it does not hurt to file around a few stores. There are a number of stores which specialize in wedding gowns during the marriage season. If you find them too expensive, then there is always the option of opting for last year’s fashion since these would be available cheaply off a sale counter. In addition to this, make sure that you get the bridesmaids to dress accordingly. Have a set of accessories which would highlight the dress.

Finally, every marriage needs to have some memories which can be preserved. This is where the photographers step in. There is always the doubt whether you should hire a professional photographer or ask a relative to click the pictures. Though it would be a little expensive, it is always better to choose the first option since it does not do much to your memories if the next day you wake up to see that you are nowhere to be found in the vows frame!

Lose Weight for the Wedding

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Do You Want To Lose Weight Before Your Big Day?

Every bride fears how she is going to look at her wedding day; as she enters the church or ballroom, where her wedding is planned, all the eyes are on her – the guests, her mother and family, her in-laws, her friends and most of all, she realizes that the man of her dreams, the love of her life – her handsome groom – is looking towards her. All this pressure is sure to send any bride in the vortex of self-analysis.

Although, her husband-to-be fell in love with her the way she is, she now wants to look the best amongst the crowd for him. Usually the only way women think that they can look their best is by losing weight. If you are bulky and weigh more than you should, then yes, it would be a good idea to start losing weight so that you have a fresh appeal to your body as well as your personality. However if you weigh only a few pounds over your ideal weight, then spend all this time in toning up rather than drastically dieting.

For those who need to shed more than a few diets, it is heard that the acai diet is really the best. It is becoming quite popular because it is comprised of antioxidants and metabolism boosters; so you can lose weight in a healthy way and by aiding your body in the digestion process. And yes, the heart of all advices, you need to work out. No matter where or how many times you have read it, this is really the truth – you need to work out a bit along with the healthy eating. But don’t get alarmed; choose any activity that you enjoy either doing alone or with a partner.

For most individuals, just starting out on losing weight, it is an arduous ordeal to start dieting and if you too think that you cannot crash diet or lose out on all the yummy stuff then don’t. It is not the time to experiment but a time to enjoy doing whatever it is you choose to do and so therefore what you can do is cut the portion size of all that forbidden food to half, replace one of the meals (preferably the lunch) with fruits and veggies and work out a bit. Remember that activities like swimming and jogging are part of a workout program too and they are quite enjoyable; a heavy routine at the gym is not for everyone; so if you have a good park or a swimming club nearby, now is the time to take advantage of it.

Whatever technique you decide upon for losing weight should be healthy, should incorporate fruits and vegetables and plenty of water so that besides your body, your skin also looks amazing on your big day.


Getting the Wedding Invite Right

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The secret to a wedding’s grandeur lies in meticulous planning, right allocation of budget to different tasks and a great theme. Having lots of spare money to cater for a large wedding does not always mean that the end result would be spectacular. You need to be wise about planning a wedding in order to achieve the desired result.

Everything related to planning a wedding is elaborate and usually on a large scale. Wedding invitations are amongst the first things that get decided when organizing the whole event. This is because they have to be first printed which takes some days and then addressed to individual guests before being sent out to their destinations. Again the courier can take up some days depending upon the city, state or country they are sent out to. You also need to keep the time for RSVPs, so you can book the caterer accordingly.

Since invitations are something that you just can’t leave out in the planning, you do need to allocate a separate budget for it. Because it is one of the first things that get decided, couples are usually tempted to spend a lot from their budget and they end up spoiling it. And when odd little tasks start sprouting up, you realize that you don’t have enough funds left.

Remember that expensive cards are not always the best choice and it doesn’t mean that all affordable or low priced invites would be below standard. In fact many a times, handmade and hand decorated invites look better than the printed expensive ones. They have an individual and personalized feel to them which is hard to surpass.

Making a checklist and planning the invites well ahead of time will let you assign the task of designing the cards to a talented friend or colleague. With a little bit of imagination and intuition you can end up designing beautiful and unique invites. To make your creative juices running, take a trip to one of the best stationary stores in town. You will simply be amazed to see the collection of art papers, pens, colors, adornments, trimmings and of course stencils that they have for similar purposes. And if that is not enough, you can check out many of the D.I.Y sites over the internet that teach easy ways to make beautiful and attractive invites.

Hand prepared invites are going to cost you way less than if you had gone for printed ones. However, since these are wedding invitations and not birthday cards, preplan everything and choose a look that is both sophisticated and elegant. Layering a shorter invite made out of art paper over a larger cut card and then running a ribbon on the side gives a nice little touch. To add more elegance, use a bit of calligraphy on the main invite to attract attention.

Budget Wedding Planning

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How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding on a Modest Budge

The economic crunch has crushed a lot of desires of individuals over the past few years. However for a wise person, it is only a bit of a challenge rather than impossibility to save up on the side and plan a beautiful wedding that he/she has always wanted.

The planning part might not be as easy as it would be if you had tons of money to spare; sure you would not be waltzing your way into the Hilton to book the ballroom and will not be ordering Master Chefs from across the country to prepare a lavish 5-course dinner. By putting your minds together and surveying the thrift stores and discount markets, you will be able to put up a great show that the guests will remember for a long time to come.

The key to your success lies in the planning at the start of everything. Once you have the complete budget in your hand at the beginning, it will be easy to designate parts of it to different things. What you need to do at this point is to write down the absolute major elements without which you cannot have a wedding. For example, the bride’s dress, the venue, the caterer, invites etc.

Once you have jotted them down, it is time to see which of these things you need to spend money on and which of these can be managed without having to dissect your budget. For instance, many people like to have their weddings in open, grassy areas, with a beautiful alter. If you would also like to have a wedding like that then how about asking one of your friends to see if it is ok that her parents could let them use the lawn of their big house. You can also have it arranged in an area of a park that is well maintained and not much crowded or simply go for the beach view. It also costs very less to have a church wedding, so maybe you would want to exercise that option and have the spare money spent in decorating it beautifully or on gorgeous flowers.

When choosing a bride’s gown, it is wise to check out the deals on the internet first, as you would have a higher chance of landing a great deal there due to excessive competition. If you are unable to do that then you can go to a store where they are offering good discounts on last season’s collection. Buying the fabric and having a beautiful design made to your size is also not a bad idea.

Other ways of saving money, to spend on the right thing when planning a budget is designing the invites yourself; your creative friends can be asked to lend a hand. And how about asking your colleague to capture those moments since you know he loves to indulge in photography in his spare time?



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