Setting the Music for your Wedding

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Have you thought about the music for the big day?

A wedding is all about hundreds of details coming together; you can’t just decide on the venue and a wedding dress to have a complete wedding ceremony. There are flowers to think of, favors to plan, invites to design and of course the right kind of music and DJ to be selected. Each of these tasks need to be well planned and well thought over so that nothing goes wrong on the wedding day. The key to perfect planning lies with attention to detail and jotting down all that needs to be done.

Therefore in this article we are going to advise you on selecting the right music or DJ for your wedding ceremony. Earlier on people used to have whole bands playing on their wedding, but now everyone prefers a DJ because this way you are offered a wide variety of music.

When booking a DJ, it is always advisable to book at least a month before hand especially if you are getting married in the wedding season. Since most to-be-wedded couples would be on the lookout for the best DJ for their ceremony, you might not want to leave this detail out for the last days before the wedding. Plan for a reserve DJ besides the main one; you never know the DJ might cancel out on the last moments.

It is undoubtedly a good idea to talk over the kind of music you want on that day. The music should be according to the wedding theme and location. Some couples love to have an up-beat funky wedding, while others go for the traditional elegant look and therefore prefer light music or jazz. You are free to tell them your favorite songs to be played at the wedding.

If your DJ has been decided, don’t forget to instruct him about playing the music at all times. Good music that is continuously played provides ample entertainment to the guests and it also encourages them to come to the dance floor with their partners.

Listening to the same music some years later is going to remind you of your wedding day, what you wore that day, how your groom or bride looked, how the evening led from one joyous thing to another; therefore make sure you select some quality music and songs.

Many couples go for two DJs on the wedding day. This brings in a lot of variety and also takes care of the dull period in between songs adequately. Songs can be of any genre as long as you both are comfortable with them and if you believe your guests are going to enjoy them. Sad songs and songs that are about heartbreak do not go well on the wedding.


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