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The day of the wedding is undoubtedly the most important day of anyone’s life. And because of the outstanding significance that it holds, it also asks for similar protocol. As the day nears, a concentrated list of chores and tasks usually start to mount on the bride and the groom. However since in most customs it is the bride’s family which is organizing the big wedding reception, the main heap of the responsibility lies on the bride and her family.

But traditions have changed further on with the passage of time and we see less of the whole family gathering up to arrange the wedding of their beloved people. These days it is usually the bride along with her friends who arrange the wedding and the parents on both sides are merely informed of the date and venue.

However sticking to the topic, we are going to talk about planning the wedding. The most organized and fool proof way of arranging a proper wedding reception where everything is in place, is by jotting down the tasks to be completed in the form of a checklist well ahead of time. Sure, you must be thinking we have heard about the checklist a dozen times. But that is only because it really is the best way to follow if you want everything to fall into place on the day of the wedding. It is also the best technique of planning a wedding without taking stress on your mind.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that a real checklist should be activated some two months before the big day. The whole point of having a checklist is that you have ample time to assign different tasks to different friends and family members while keeping the time-taking duties and tasks such as booking the photographer and the wedding venue in the top ranks of the checklist so that you can make sure everything gets completed in time, you get married at the place you always wanted and one of the best professional wedding photographer is free to capture those unique moments.

Like most people, you must have also chosen the best season to get married and again, like a big percentage of people, you are going to pick one of the hottest wedding venues in town; therefore amongst all the statistics and the probabilities, you are going to be left with a very few choices. If you don’t want this to happen to you then you should take the lead, and if a wedding is eminent in the next few months, then it is best to talk it over with your partner as soon as you get a relaxing moment with him.


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