wedding shop in Asheville NC

wedding shop in Asheville NC

Are you looking for the perfect wedding shop in Asheville NC? Give Candler Budget Bridal a try. We have a large inventory of dresses and carry plus sizes as well, with over 500 gowns in stock and another 150 in plus sizes. Come check out our selection today.

How Can I Budget for a Wedding?

You can do several things to keep the costs of your wedding gown. First, you need to decide the type of wedding you want. When you think about your wedding, what do you envision? Once you have a vision of your perfect day, you can formulate a plan. Check out your local wedding shop in Asheville NC, for some great ideas.

Once you have decided what you want, it is time for the dreaded wedding budget talk. Everyone that is going to pay for a part of the wedding should be involved. The bride, groom, and parents together can sit down and discuss a budget. Talking about your budget may be uncomfortable, but an honest, open discussion about finances will make budgeting easier.

Break your budget down and decide what percentage of the total budget you want to spend on each area. You can choose your percentages of your overall budget. These are a guideline only.


  • Ceremony:10%
  • Photography: 10%
  • Wedding Planner: 10%
  • Dress and Tux: 10%
  • Reception: 55%
  • Miscellaneous/Cushion: 5%


A local wedding shop in Asheville NC will be able to show you what you can expect for your money. Simple weddings that take place at City Hall can cost as little as $500, or you can have your wedding at a park, maybe your backyard and have a BBQ? You might have a talented friend that can take your wedding photos for next to nothing.

What Are Some Money-Saving Tips?


  • Host your ceremony outside or at home.
  • Host the reception outside or at home.
  • Ask friends, family, and relatives to lend a hand instead of giving a gift.
  • Do it yourself if possible. You would be surprised by much money you can save if you do your flowers, invitations and even food for the reception.
  • Scout out different wedding vendors.
  • Consider the time of the ceremony, day of the week, and where you will hold the wedding and reception.

Because you are on a budget and don't want to spend a lot of money doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful wedding.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress?

If you are planning on making an appointment for a dress, early is better. You will get an energetic, fresh staff to help you. Focus on finding a dress silhouette that flatters your body type. The top of your wedding dress is what people will look at the most. Not your gorgeous train. Try on lots of dresses. You want your choice to be perfect. Wear a nice bra. Don’t worry about what size your dress is. Ask a lot of questions when you are trying on dresses. Make sure your dress is comfortable. You should feel as beautiful as you look.

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